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About Me

Popcorn is perhaps the one staple for me.


I am an amateur cook who enjoys feed his family and friends. After many Sunday meals I was told I should share what I know.

I initially learned how to cook from my mother and then by much practice over the past decade. Luckily I have had many influences along the way from close friends to my girlfriend who is a short little Korean lass. I hope these recipes and experiments help bring new dishes to your life.

I will be working to have bi-monthly updates.

Perogis - a family dish to devour

What does food mean to me?

I see food as the binding glue for the home. It's great for keeping memories alive and creating new ones. For food, and I guess in general, I love new things and I am always trying to change what is being done.


What are my recipes?

I am often find myself cooking for 3 or more people at a time. Most often my old roommate and my girlfriend will patiently entertain the dogs while I cook away.

I'm very against lengthy recipe articles so you won't see a dozen paragraphs here. Most of what I post here will be related to "family staples" and the experiments I try out. I'll try to keep these simple, and relatively detailed (spoiler: I am horrible at measuring). 

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